[HANYUL] Baek Hwa Goh Anti-Aging Cream (60ml)

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Surprisingly anti-aging potency found in researchA gift from nature, bringing new power Through long research, we’ve got found the anti-aging effect hidden within the department store. The anti-aging effect of Baekhwago, which has been condensed with strong power, has the entire strength that should be indispensable for skin aging care such as skin moisturizing, brightening, and elasticity improvement. Bring the vitality of the Precious Mushroom Department on your precious skin.Hanyul Baekgo Highland CreamSurprising Anti-Aging Effects of Hanyul Baekgo Gomidan CreamRemedy blemishes and blemishes with special prescription through long researchOver time, the skin becomes more visible with spots and blemishes. Through many years of research, Han Yul has developed prescription techniques which are effective in making improvements to blemishes. A complex of technologies which are effective in making improvements to the appearance of spots and blemishes will solve your skin problems. Winkle Blemish Care Specialty Cream, and Total Anti-Aging CreamAlthough very effective for bettering blemishes and blemishes, blemish cream is a total anti-aging cream that not only improves elasticity but also improves skin viability. Use it day by day and experience amazing skin changes.* Improves skin self-sufficiency: Protects skin from the outdoor and prevents moisture and nutrients from leaking out by creating a skin barrier.

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